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Custom Pet Portraits

Transform your favorite photo into a painting that expresses the vivid energy and personality of your pet within each brush stroke.

Having an oil portrait of your pet is a great way to turn a joyful memory into a tasteful piece of art.

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Custom Pet Portraits


"...The finished painting was beyond anything I had expected. The resemblance was perfect!! There are certain features that Chelsea was able to capture that I thought only I noticed about my cats."

"I have had portraits done by Chelsea of four of my pets. My favorite is a memorial painting of my 21 year old tabby. It looks almost as if she is curled up on a cloud..."

Bringing Your Pet Portrait to Life

Pet people know that caring for an animal is much more than just having something around to entertain you. Our pets are there for us after we've had a bad day, they put up with our out of tune singing voices, and most importantly they remind us to take time out for play. Having a pet is a special bond in which you both get to take care of each other in your own unique way. It's a beautiful connection, vibrant and unconditional. Celebrate this bond and the unique personality of your pet in the form of art.

By using your favorite photo as a reference, I will create a high quality portrait that tells the story of your fondest memory of your pet. I strive to capture the unique personality of each subject by using classical portrait techniques. You have the option of it being rendered in either oil paint or as a charcoal drawing. Each finished product captures the mood of the subject while maintaining all the life-like details.

A pet portrait can be a thoughtful gift idea for fellow pet lovers. Whether for a birthday gift, a wedding present, or to memorialize the pets that are no longer with us.